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23 More Chartered Directors in Antigua and Barbuda!

In March 2017, the Antigua and Barbuda Coalition of Service Industries (ABCSI) partnered with the St.  Lucia based, Corporate Governance Training Institute (CGTI) to deliver the Chartered Director’s Programme, for the second year in a row.

Twenty-three proud Antiguan professionals were awarded the internationally recognised designation ‘Chartered Director’ (C.Dir.), issued by the CGTI.  The professionals were drawn from a wide cross section of organisations including regulatory bodies, financial institutions, trade unions, insurance companies, statutory corporations and private entities.

The 23 participants were awarded the designation after successfully completing a rigorous 3-day certification programme which also included a final exam. It took place at the Sugar Ridge Resort and the training was conducted by a team of a highly experienced corporate governance experts, led by Dr.  Chris Bart, Chairman and co-founder of the Caribbean Governance Training Institute, and founder of the Director’s College of Canada.

The Chartered Director’s programme is recognised across the globe and is the gold standard of governance training in the Caribbean. The program is formally endorsed by such notable organizations as the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Sandals Resorts International and the newly elected government of St. Lucia as well as many others. It is a dynamic educational initiative that focuses on the latest best practices that Caribbean board members need to know to competently carry out their roles as ‘organisational stewards’ and ‘active participants’ in major strategic and capital spending decision.

Dr.  Chris Bart, in commenting on the invaluable role that good governance plays in organisations says: “The primary reason why most organisations fail is because of governance issues where bad decisions are made by director’s due to negligence, laziness, and lack of knowledge and understanding of their roles.” He further said: “This programme educates or refreshes Directors about their roles, and provides them with the latest 21st century governance tools needed to help them excel in the boardroom.”

The Chartered Director’s programme has been offered in a number of other islands across the region, including St.  Lucia, St.  Kitts, Dominica and The Turks and Caicos.

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